Family Dentistry

A crown is often recommended if there is an existing large filling in a tooth, if a tooth has lost cusps, has cracked, or has had root canal therapy.  In addition to a crown, a core build-up may be recommended.  A core build-up is like a filling that may need to be placed under the crown.  The crown functions to hold the tooth together in much the same way the rungs on a barrel function to hold the slats together.  The choice to place a crown on a tooth is made so that patients can have the best possible chance of keeping their tooth for as long as possible.  For example, a tooth that has had root canal therapy becomes brittle and needs to have a crown placed to protect it from future fracture and loss.

There are many options for materials used to fabricate crowns.  Often, crown materials are chosen based upon location, esthetics, and strength.  Also important, Dr. Miller works with a carefully chosen team of laboratory technicians for all crowns and fixed bridges.