Family Dentistry

The advantages to the Turbyfill denture technique are that patients will be able to more quickly resolve or prevent painful denture sores.  Patients will be able to have two sets of dentures, giving them a back-up, should something unforeseen happen to the final set.  Finally, patients will have the best fitting dentures possible, because they will have made the most accurate impressions possible while wearing the treatment dentures.  Should they decide to have implants placed at a future date, their treatment dentures can be used to help fabricate surgical guides.  These guides allow for optimal implant positioning. 

Most importantly, patients who have dentures made with Dr. Miller's advanced technique will receive the time and attention to detail that they deserve.  Unlike corporate denture clinics, where patients are treated like a number, Dr. Miller will take the time to get to know each patient personally, and customize treatment to their specific needs.​


Patients with dentures, or patients who may soon be losing teeth and transitioning into a denture, should take great comfort in knowing that Dr. Miller and his team take patient care very seriously. Correct denture fabrication is critical to making sure dentures fit correctly and comfortably, look natural, and provide a beautiful smile.  Dentures should offer patients the ability to eat what they want to eat, rather than what they can eat.

Early in Dr. Miller's career he made dentures the way most dentist in the United States were taught. He would take initial impressions at the first appointment, and more detailed custom impressions at a second appointment.  For the third appointment, Dr. Miller would select teeth and configure the bite.  The fourth appointment would then include a preview of the denture in wax, before finalization, and during the fifth appointment, the dentures were delivered.  Following delivery, the patient would come back for adjustment appointments. Sometimes there would be a few adjustment appointments, but more often than not, the adjustments were numerous, and frustrating for both the doctor and the patient.

Fortunately, Dr. Miller met a renowned dentist by the name of Walter “Jack” Turbyfill, who taught him a different way to make dentures.  With Dr. Turbyfill’s denture technique, Dr. Miller learned to make patients a treatment denture in which he could perfect the fit, function, and appearance. Once the patient could say “these dentures feel great, look great, and I can eat great” then a second, final denture could be fabricated using the treatment denture as a blueprint.  This technique has been very rewarding to Dr. Miller and his patients.

With the Turbyfill denture technique, porcelain teeth are used so that the denture will last longer and look more natural.  Many times, dentures with plastic teeth wear faster than dentures made with porcelain teeth.  By maintaining the distance between the denture wearer's upper and lower jaws, Dr. Miller also maintains the esthetic appearance of the lower 1/3 of the face.  This avoids the premature aging look that many denture wearers suffer from.