Family Dentistry


Healthy Gums, Healthy Teeth, Healthy Bite

Optimum oral health is achieved only if the gums, teeth, and bite are healthy. 

Healthy Gums:  So what defines “healthy” gums?  Healthy gums are pink in color, firm when palpated, stippled or having an orange peel texture in appearance, and cover the roots of the teeth.  Healthy gums are not painful and do not bleed or exude pus when brushing or flossing.  Healthy gums are really the first building block of optimum oral health.

Healthy Teeth:  Healthy teeth are free from decay and are aligned in a way that allows proper cleaning by brushing and flossing.  Healthy teeth may have dental restorations (i.e. fillings or crowns), but these restorations have margins (or edges) that are sealed to the tooth, and again, are completely cleansable by brushing and flossing.  Healthy teeth show no signs of wear from biting, and have form that allows for smiling and eating.

Healthy Bite:  Optimum oral health can only be maintained over a lifetime if the teeth function in a system that allows for even contacts of both the teeth and jaw joints upon chewing.  When teeth are not hitting evenly, teeth can crack, break, or become loose.  When the teeth and jaw joints do not work in harmony, joints can become painful, lock open or closed, or suffer arthritic deterioration.

The goal for each patient in this practice is to achieve optimum oral health!