Family Dentistry

We called this office that I had researched online.  We were given an appointment. Very wonderful home like setting. Dr. Nick Miller was so awesome to us. [He] made me feel very comfortable and I am deathly afraid of dentists. Thank you again to the office staff and Dr. Nick!

Renee B.

West Mifflin

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My teeth look very natural, are comfortable, and provide me with confidence. The denture process that you used was incredibly accurate. I am impressed by your knowledge, experience and skills.  Forever you will be my dentist.


Allison Park

What Patients Are Saying

I became a patient of Dr. Nick Miller a year ago when my previous dentist retired.  Dr. Nick and his wife Stephanie have been wonderful in welcoming me to their new practice.  Dr. Nick is precise and takes his time to make sure each procedure is done to his highest standard.  He is a very compassionate dentist and truly cares about his patients.  I have had several procedures done and feel I have received excellent care.  He even calls in the evening after I have a dental procedure to see how I am feeling.  They have made an effort to get to know me and truly care about my dental needs.  I highly recommend Dr. Nick as your family dentist.  He is truly "a cut above the rest".

Rhea H.

Mt. Lebanon

Dr. Miller is very good. I've had teeth cleanings, caps and teeth whitening services performed by him. His wife Stephanie was assisting him the few times I was there as well. They are both very friendly, gentle and easy to talk to. They will make you feel very comfortable. If you're close to Bethel Park then I would recommend going to Dr. Miller.

Chris C.

Upper St. Clair

Everyone in the office is very friendly and personal, and the hygienists are always very thorough with the cleaning.  I always look forward to my visits, and I highly recommend this practice to others.

Debra C.

Bethel Park

When I learned that Dr. Thomas Liebenguth was turning over his dental practice to Dr. Nicholas Miller I was at first dismayed since I had enjoyed excellent, compassionate dental care for many years.  However, I trusted Dr. Liebenguth’s judgement in choosing his replacement and I was not disappointed!  I was immediately impressed with the caring and professional services provided by every member of Dr. Miller’s staff!

Dr. Miller shows great concern for his patients!  He called to confirm that I was doing well after a procedure.  He is always accessible to address any problems.  He gave me an appointment very quickly when I developed pain in my jaw and was very thorough in investigating the cause.   I would strongly recommend Dr. Miller and his team to anyone looking for quality dental care!

Donna B.